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Clean drinking water from the atmosphere.

Commercial Water Machines


Our Air Water generators, which is part of the MultiGen System when integrated with diesel generators, micro-turbines, or simple electric models produce water from the Atmosphere. The WES Water from the Air systems use unique air-cooled absorption or electric chillers along with a proprietary Air-to-Water technology to generate water on the site. This Air to Water system enables clean drinking water in a variety of atmospheric conditions and power options. MultiGen free energy from waste heat and thus free water from the Air. This commercially proven MultiGen technology has its own patented Air water making process.

Water from the Air Machines

  • Extracts moisture from the atmosphere and is then filtered for drinking water.
  • Power use of electricity models
  • Simple filter warning and change out
  • Domestic machines offer clean drinking water in adverse conditions
  • Power saving Low humidity or low temperature standby technology
  • Water production is dependent on the atmospheric conditions found on site
  • Inclusive Patented technologies.

Water from the Air - Domestic and Commercial Air Water Generators

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